Make those guitar pedal bypass switches easier to find, easier to hit and easier on the feet.
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A mushroom-style button cover (like an industrial 'emergency stop' button) for 10mm bypass and tap tempo buttons on guitar effects pedals... or anything that has a 10mm press-on, press-off type button, like the Switchcraft DPDT or 3PDT switches seen on many pedals.

WHY? Enlarging the button surface and raising it up a little from the rest of the controls has a couple of benefits. It makes the button a larger, easier-to-find target with your foot or hand. The larger surface area is easier on shoes/socks/feet/hands... I know everyone wants to play in their socks and not bruise their feet on pedals. The slightly-higher surface means that there's a little less chance of pushing other controls around by mistake. Those are all excuses, though... I just like the look of mushroom-top buttons.

This will not fit every switch on every pedal on the market! I measured 10 of the 11 switches on my own board. Nine were exactly 10mm. One was a soft-touch rounded-top button and one was a Boss where the switch is already covered with a metal plate. Please measure yours before ordering to be sure a 10mm opening will fit, or plan to make some small adjustments (like adding a little paper spacer or shaving the opening a bit).

As always - even though adding a button cover like this should be a very simple and non-invasive thing (just push it down gently on top of the existing button)... any DIY modifications to your hardware is at your own risk! Basically I don't want someone trying to beat this on with a hammer and then complain to me that they missed and dented a $400 pedal.

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